About the Company

Wohlrab Consulting provides management consulting for the financial services industry with its primary focus on credit, debit, prepaid, Contactless, EFT, transaction processing, Chip Migration and much more.

Wohlrab Consulting is your partner wherever you are located in the world. Our goal is to help our clients keep pace with evolving business models and shifting market conditions. As the industry is in the middle of this radical revolution, companies trying to keep pace by doing business in the same manner they have done in the past are falling desperately behind. In today’s environment, access to dependable, astute industry intelligence becomes a critical need and basis to establish a competitive advantage.

We recognize the challenges facing the industry today and provide the expertise needed by our clients to meet the ever-changing landscape of payments. We serve clients globally in the following areas:
  • Credit Card Issuers
  • Debit Card Issuers
  • Prepaid Card Issuers and Program Managers
  • Networks
  • Processors
  • Retail Banks
  • Merchants

KEEP CALM, Wohlrab Consulting can help you meet the challenges placed before you!!!!

We strive to add extraordinary value, give your company the opportunity for success and work with everyone on your team with strict confidence!